Life is a Flower of Which Love is the Honey

May is one of our favorite months, though the last few weeks have been a little wetter and grayer than we prefer, the rain provides delicate evidence of spring, and with it comes flowers.

For us May has been a cleansing month, full of preparation for the busy season ahead.  Under an introspective veil of planning and organizing, it feels like we are just teetering on the edge, peeking around the corner, waiting for the beautiful madness to begin. Soon we will be swallowed up by a blissful storm of projects and events. This past week we did our second wedding of the year. Signifying the very beginning of this seasons adventures, and we couldn't have been more ready to loose ourselves in a whirlwind of pretty petals. Florals featured in this wedding include: Delicate pink roses, hydrangea, ivory tea roses, white Peonies and mum's, eucalyptus, disbuds, stock, and a personal fav; lisianthus. 

Kayley and Leo's Wedding florals transformed our little studio into a fairy garden, with each bloom giving off it's own sweet fragrance, it also smelt incredible.  We carefully prepared each and every stem, after 24 hours of hydration we began to work on the plethora of lovely pieces Kayley and Leo dreamt up for their big day.

We have been so fortunate so far to work with such kind and sweet clients. They allow us the freedom to do what we do best - create! Kayley and Leo were no exception. They had a wondrous vision of romantic lush blooms, golden candelabras with subtle hints of gold, ivories and navy. We proudly brought their vision to life and couldn't have felt luckier to have been a small part of their big day.

After carefully crafting all the special pieces for Kayley and Leos wedding, we set out to deliver and set-up. With loads of time to spare we added the final touches on each Candelabra arrangements on location. The British room at Spruce Meadows was modestly but elegantly decorated, once the flowers were set the room took on an air of vintage romance and felt complete!

It was a really lovely start to the wedding season for us. It feels amazing to finally be doing flowers under our own name, under our own creative control, building our company as we work alongside kind-hearted and trusting clients. We are honored by every client who gives us the opportunity to create for them and simply cannot wait to see what the next few months have in store for us! Thank you Kayley and Leo and Congratulations!

Venue: Spruce Meadows
Wedding Coordination: Orysia Andryo