The Sweetest Love

Blush, mint, snap dragons and strands of blue eucalyptus, were just a few of the many beautiful ingredients that made up this weekends soft, sweet & and ever so elegant wedding. 

I began the week on my own surrounded by ivory garden roses and majolika spray roses while Lauren 7000km away, was enjoying some much deserved time off in similar but more slightly more exotic surroundings in the South of France. Throughout the week she sent me photos of never-ending lavender fields and wandering vines that swallowed country homes whole. I sent her back snaps of all the wedding creations as they slowly materialized into dreamy bouquets and full luxurious centerpieces.

For their centerpieces Deanna & Paul handcrafted and stained their own wooden containers. Using wood burning tools they inscribed "Deanna & Paul July 2nd 2016" on each and every one. A rustic and very sweet touch. Given quite a lot of freedom, I arranged giant hydrangeas, a plethora of roses, strands of eucalyptus and few snaps into each centerpiece. The result was a very fragrant and full design, that was traditional and gently wild.  

From the bouquets to the cake flowers, each and every floral detail for Deanna reflected a soft, feminine aesthetic with just a hint of rustic elegance. The reception was held at Fort Calgary and everything came together beautifully in the room. But there was one final touch left to create after everything was placed - at the last minute the wedding planners asked if I could assist them in dressing up the archway for the ceremony, with a few left over flowers I decided I could give it a go. I was without greens however, so I did my best to forage some fallen foliage and a few branches from the trees and shrubs near by. And voila! I did my best to create a quick impromptu archway design with everything I managed to gather. Check out the images at the end of this post :)

Every time we do a wedding I swear I say "oh this one is my favorite!",  turns out it's hard to have just one favorite as a flower lover. It's also hard not to get attached to each one, after we put so much care and work into it. None the less, I must say I adored the flowers for Deanna & Paul's wedding and it was such a pleasure creating everything for them.  As we continue to build our reputation and grow on our own as abusiness, we are so thankful for each client and can't wait to share this wedding season as it unfolds!