I must have flowers, always, and always.
― Claude Monet

Floral Concierge

Fresh flowers in a living or work-space is truly like a breath of fresh air. With our Floral "Concierge" service you can give yourself, or someone you hold dear,  weekly, biweekly, or monthly florals. No two designs are alike, let us put our creativity to the test as we craft custom floral arrangements - akin to art pieces, just for you!

The Service:
We will create a custom floral arrangement suited to your personal preferences. Dependent on the subscription option chosen, we will replace the arrangement with fresh florals/a new design weekly, biweekly, or monthly. If you prefer planted material, we also offer custom outdoor planters which we maintain and
re-design seasonally.

To set up and customize a subscription please fill out the form below

Your Name *
Your Name
Recipient Phone #
Recipient Phone #
Subscription Frequency *
This sets the subscription schedule, new flowers will be sent beginning from the selected start date
Preferred Start Date of Subscription *
Preferred Start Date of Subscription
This is when the first delivery will be sent - to get the most out of your florals and to receive free delivery we recommend a Wednesday Start Date
All subscription options include a vase which will be picked up and replaced each delivery. *Discounted delivery fee of 8$ is included in total cost*
We will create a new design for each delivery, please list preferred flower types/colors/design style here: